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Gift Certificate for a Two Hour Portrait Sitting

$500.00 USD

Mark a special moment in your life with an original all prima painting.  It is a great way to remember important moments, such as a wedding, engagement, milestone birthday, or as a gift.  

A two-hour portrait sitting is where the subject is painted from life in a span of two hours with one ten-minute break.  From start to finish it takes about 3 hours of your time. It is, at the root, a practice of confident and creative strokes with a  rendered likeness at a quick pace.  Painting from life is a preferred method, as it will depict a more genuine and life-like quality that is not replicated with the flattening quality of a photograph.  It is recommended to have a live sitting for the two-hour portraits.*  

The final painting is available immediately or after the painting has dried and sealed. Final payment is made at this time.

Email to schedule an appointment.

Total cost: $500.00 for an original 12" x 12" portrait  

Print cost: $100 for a signed Giclée 12 x 12" print

* For inquires outside the New York City Metro or Tri-State Area, email about sitting options.

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