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Interested in Commissioning a portrait?

A portrait is a lovely way to collect an artist's work and mark a special moment of your life or a loved one's.  A portrait is to be enjoyed for a lifetime and passed along to future generations to enjoy.

General Commisssion Procedure

There are two commission options that are offered.  The first being a short alla prima sitting of two hours per person where the final piece is completed within one sitting, typically a head and shoulder representation with a blank background.  The other option being a longer more “finished” portrait that is completed over several sittings which typically is a figure(s) within a scene or environment.

Meeting the client prior to a sitting allows the artist to become familiar with the subject of the painting and understand the expectations for the project.  If distance or travel prevents a meeting in person, a phone call, Skype or FaceTime meeting may be scheduled.  The contract defining the commission and price are completed prior to the first sitting or photo session.  A sitting is where the subject is painted from life and may be in conjunction with a photo session.

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Make an appointment to visit the studio or to sit for a "Two Hour Portrait" in Poughkeepsie, New York located in the beautiful Hudson Valley! 

"Carl creates a comfortable space between the sitter and himself, which allows for true human moments to be captured."

- Jamie G.

Two Hour Portrait 

A Two Hour Portrait sitting is where the subject is painted from life in a span of two hours with on ten minute break.  from start to finish it takes about 3 hours.  It is, at the root, a practice of confident and creative strokes and rendered likeness at a quick pace.  Painting from life is a preferred method, as it will depict a more genuine and life-like quality that is not replicated with the flattening quality of a photograph.  It is recommended to have a live sitting for the Two Hour Portraits.

The final painting is available within two weeks after the painting has dried and sealed.  Upon completion, it is delivered to the client.  Final payment is made at this time including any travel and/or shipping expenses. 

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