Autumn of 2020 to Now

During the past year there was a need to be in nature, to search for a small touch of a real experience.  I found solace in stepping into nature, taking walks, breathing the air and observing with a slowness and mindfulness that comes during times of meditation.  And from those moments, I dove into my intrigue with the daily change of a season, the minutia of leaves, moving clouds and the time of day giving up its fight for the night.  Using an organized grid as a structure, I paint a perspective that tracks change, point of view and these observations on a two-dimensional surface with oils. Here are some works that explore my response to this time and being in the natural world.  

Gridded Nature

"Coniferous Sky"
oil on canvas
60" x 48"

This very tall pine tree across the street stands directly in front of our home. It dominates the sky, and the street. It stands sturdy strong and seemingly unchanging, unlike its environment. The sky changes. The seasons change.  This tree and it’s environment is documented in time over 35 segments/days from November 2020 to March 2021.

"Full Moon Over Our Home"
oil on canvas
60" x 48"

I have been very conscious of the moon, regularly awaking from restless sleep, searching for its presence each night. How this satellite orb affects life and movement on this planet is mind blowing. Like a great stage player always facing front, never to turn their back, giving us high and low tides of a great story never giving a flat performance and always leaving us howling for more.  

"Burning Bush"

 oil on board, 72"x72"'

This painting of a burning bush was painted from September to November as I watched the leaves change in color as Winter approached.  Each 12"x12" panel is painted with oil from a different time and day.  The final piece measures 6' x 6'.

Moving Clouds

These moving clouds stun me as they pass bringing beauty, drama and life.  The weather is changing, and our role is not just innocent observers.  These paintings are made to appreciate the beauty and to honor the home we inhabit.  All paintings are 20" x 20", oil on canvas.

En Plein Air

Painting from life and in nature is a continual practice that is used for study.  These following landscapes are made en plein air to study light, shadow, color and capturing a mood or scene in the brief encounter out of doors.  It also serves to offer meditation and gratitude for the planet and space we inhabit.  All paintings are 9x12", oil on canvas


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