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Two Hour Portraits


In this series, Grauer focuses on mindful strokes laid with purpose and with energy.  It is  an ongoing portrait of a group with whom Carl has interacted; thus, as much as it is a portrait of a group, it is a portrait of him. This project began in 2012 and it continues to excite because of this element of time. It documents the subjects in specific amount of time and also his evolution as a painter.  To date, Carl has painted more than 300 Two Hour Portraits™ and has a goal to paint upwards to 1500 before his passing.  

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Quarantine Two Hour Portraits Over Video Conferencing

During the isolation period during the Covid-19 pandemic theseTwo Hour Portraits were done over video conferencing beginning March 21, 2020. While the sittings always took place in person, these sittings happen virtually through video conferencing software. The Two Hour Portrait series began as a way to connect with people and despite the physical distance in this iteration of the project, the exchange during the sitting still creates a bond.  

“I have been thinking of how I can make art to reflect the constraints of the moment,” said Carl Grauer. “Not only has it given me the opportunity to connect during my day to day, but I have had the chance to meet some amazing people from around the globe, all the while working on my craft.”